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Welcome to Sensory Snuggables, a range of plush companions and soft books designed to stimulate little ones’ senses and bring a world of imaginary play to life. Perfect for the early months, each toy or book integrates a range of smart features to encourage sensory exploration.

Surprise crinkles hidden in plush ears and feet or book pages, will stimulate hearing skills
MIXED TEXTURES and patterned fabrics support a rich multisensory experience
Ribbon tags provide practice for little fingers that are learning to grasp and tug
Tough teethers can help soothe sore gums
Nose squeakers bring a funny reward for little hands beginning to grip and squeeze
Chime and shaker rattles will engage babies, holding their attention and creating noisy entertainment
Super Sensory
Super Sensory Unicorn
Classic Sensory Elephant
Classic Sensory
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Cuties Sensory Bunny
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