Introducing an amazing new journal filled with top-secret techniques for writing secret messages! Tweens will love trying out the cool codes and ciphers in this journal, while also discovering cool facts about the history of secret messages. There are also top tips for transporting and delivering a message without anyone catching on! At the back of the book, there are cipher wheels for creating your own ciphers, plus secret code books, and a cool secret pocket for keeping your messages safe! There is even an awesome UV torch pen for writing invisible messages. AWESOME TOP-SECRET JOURNAL, PACKED WITH CODES, CIPHERS AND AN AMAZING UV TORCH/PEN!

  • A fascinating new book containing everything you need to know about codes, ciphers, and secret-message writing!
  • It includes a brief history of covert communication and hints and tips on passing on and hiding secret messages.
  • The book comes with a lock to keep your codes top secret!
  • There is even an awesome UV torch pen for writing hidden messages.