Nobody likes the Sprout family, who are nicknamed “the Stinky Sprouts”. They’re not like the cool carrot club, the funny turnips or the handsome leeks. They are stinky and green and left out of everything! So, one Christmas, the Sprouts hatch a plan to become the most popular vegetables around. They pretend to be a new kind of vegetable by dipping themselves in cranberry sauce as a disguise. Soon, everyone is talking about the great new vegetables that have moved into the kitchen. They are loved by all! Their plot comes undone, however, when the cranberry sauce melts and drips off. The other vegetables discover that it was the Stinky Sprouts all along. But, they also realise that they really enjoyed the company of the disguised Sprouts and were too harsh on them before. The Sprouts are finally accepted for who they are and they all live happily ever after! FUNNY PICTURE BOOK TO SHARE THIS CHRISTMAS!

  • Hilarious illustrations by successful commercial illustrator Stuart Lynch.
  • An ideal book to share with young children at Christmastime!
  • The simple, rhyming text will appeal to young readers.