Get set for a SPLAT-fest of puzzles, mazes, codebreaking challenges and more in this prank-tastic book! Work your way through the amazing activities on every page and create cool things from the card press-outs at the back of the book. Then, take the sticky, stretchy splat and see if you can use it to pull pranks of your own! A FUN ACTIVITY BOOK, INCLUDING CARD PRESS-OUTS, OVER 500 STICKERS AND YOUR OWN STRETCHY SLIME!

  • This fun title comes with your own stretchy splat in a blister on the front cover.
  • Each page is packed with splat-tastic activities, from codebreakers to mazes, puzzles and more!
  • With cool card press-outs to create, there are hours of fun to be had.
  • This book comes with over 500 stickers to use in the book or wherever you want!