Silly Safari Bingo is a fun take on the classic game for children and parents to enjoy together. The simple game of luck will captivate children and keep them entertained as they try their hardest to win. The box contains four playing boards, animal cards, a spinner, and instructions to play three great games: Bingo, Memory Bingo and Pairs. The instructions include ideas for extending or simplifying play. Lara Ede’s cute illustrations make this game fun for little ones who love animals, while they practice hand-eye coordination and learn observation skills. Bright, fun and educational, this game is perfect for an afternoon with friends or family!

  • Contains playing boards, mini animal cards and a spinner.
  • Cute and colourful pictures appeal to players of all ages.
  • Bright illustrations by Lara Ede will delight and amuse little ones.
  • The perfect way to spend time with friends or family.