Heart 2 Heart is a book of two parts: half is an “all-about-me” book, and the other half is a “heart’s desire” journal. It also features a dazzling foil cover with a two-way sequined image that changes when the sequins are brushed the opposite direction. Open the book one way for surveys and fill-ins, then flip the book over to reveal a special journal for recording your hopes, dreams and heart’s desires! A GORGEOUS TWEEN BOOK WITH A STUNNING TWO-WAY SEQUINNED COVER.

  • A dazzling two-way book and journal.
  • The bright foil cover features a large sequin image that changes when you brush the sequins the opposite direction.
  • The journal is filled with quizzes, surveys and fill-ins.
  • Flip the book over to discover your “heart’s desire” journal pages.