Best Friends Forever is the perfect place for friends to record their secret wishes, goals and revelations. Guided pages lead squad members to share their thoughts and ideas in a fun, positive manner. There are quizzes, games and activities galore. The book’s padlock has four keys – one for each friend. The stacking pen has four colours: friends choose a colour each and use it to record their personal answers in the book. A FUN TOP-SECRET JOURNAL FOR FRIENDS TO SHARE!INCLUDES A PADLOCK WITH FOUR KEYS AND A PEN.

  • A fun, stylish new book where friends can share their wishes and secrets!
  • Includes lots of fun quizzes, games and activities to do together.
  • The padlock has four keys, one for each friend.
  • Each friend uses one colour from the stacking pen to record their ideas.
  • Guided journaling ensures friends focus on positive, confidence-building concepts that celebrate their differences.