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We publish a range of innovative products for children and babies. Beautifully designed and featuring a range of stimulating novelties, our books encourage creativity and promote learning. We want your child to love books as much as we do!

  • Hope the Rainbow Fairy Necklace

    ISBN: 5060236481931
    Spread colour and joy everywhere you go by wearing your very own rainbow of hope! All profits from the sale of this limited edition charity necklace will be donated to the NHS Charities Together COVID-19 Urgent Appeal.
  • First Spread of The Very Hungry Worry Monsters (9781789477429) Cover of The Very Hungry Worry Monsters (9781789477429)

    The Very Hungry Worry Monsters

    ISBN: 9781789477429

    Have you heard of the worry monsters? They always know how to cheer you up! Children will love this simple story featuring the friendly worry monsters, designed to help children engage with their worries. Lara Ede’s bright, friendly illustrations will engage them as they read, and there is a fun touch on every spread. A SWEET STORY WITH TOUCHES THROUGHOUT.

    • A funny book that encourages children to engage with worries.
    • Lara Ede’s friendly monsters will engage children.
    • The book has fun touches on every spread.
  • First Spread of Mermaids (9781789477900) Cover of Mermaids (9781789477900)


    ISBN: 9781789477900

    Dive into a magical world of mermaids in this sweet activity book. From coral mazes and pretty puzzles, to lagoons to search and pictures to colour, there's something for everyone to enjoy. At the back of the book there are cute card press-outs to make and create. With your very own 3-D felt stickers to use in the book or wherever you want! A MERMAIDS ACTIVITY BOOK WITH 3-D FELT STICKERS AND CARD PRESS-OUTS!

    • This mermaid activity book is filled with magical characters and sweet activities.
    • Each page is packed with puzzles, mazes and pictures to colour.
    • With 20 pp card press-outs and 3-D felt stickers to use in the book or wherever you want!
  • First Spread of Would You Rather (9781789477306) Cover of Would You Rather (9781789477306)

    Would You Rather

    ISBN: 9781789477306

    Would you rather . . . find a jellyfish in your juice, or a spider in your spaghetti? Read the hilarious scenarios on every page, and then decide which you would prefer! With creative touches including acetate sunglasses and a furry spider, children will love this interactive book, perfect for reading together. TOUCH-AND-FEEL BOARD BOOK WITH FUN QUESTIONS

    • An amusing touch-and-feel board book with fun questions to answer throughout.
    • Read the text, and then decide which silly scenario you would prefer!
    • With sweet illustrations by Scott Barker.
  • First Spread of Never Touch a Hedgehog Sticker Activity Book (9781789477924) Cover of Never Touch a Hedgehog Sticker Activity Book (9781789477924)

    MBI’s best-selling prickly pals from the Never Touch series are back in this amazing sticker activity book! Simple activities combine with the fun illustrations to create engaging activities that are perfect for little ones to complete. With card press-outs to create and over 100 big stickers to use in the book or wherever you want! A ‘NEVER TOUCH’ ACTIVITY BOOK, WITH OVER 100 STICKERS AND CARD PRESS-OUTS!

    • This fun animal-packed sticker activity book is perfect for little ones to complete!
    • Stuart Lynch's bold illustrations bring each page to life.
    • With card press-outs and over 100 big stickers to use in the book or wherever you want!
  • First Spread of Coral and the Rainbow Reef (9781789477719) Cover of Coral and the Rainbow Reef (9781789477719)

    Coral and the Rainbow Reef

    ISBN: 9781789477719

    Mermaid fairy Coral makes magic houses that suit their owners perfectly. But when Rudy rainbow fish calls them plain, Coral changes her style and forgets what really matters. Children will love this magical ocean tale, beautifully illustrated by Lara Ede. The sweet rhyme will engage young readers, and the book has an amazing mermaid-themed bracelet on the cover! MERMAID-THEMED STORY BOOK WITH AN OCEAN CHARM BRACELET

    • A mermaid-themed story book, perfect to share.
    • The book has an ocean charm bracelet on the cover.
    • The sweet story has an affirming message about believing in yourself.
  • First Spread of Pucker Up! (9781789477405) Cover of Pucker Up! (9781789477405)

    Pucker Up!

    ISBN: 9781789477405

    Get lippy with this hilarious, animal-filled board book, complete with a lip-shaped squishy! The funny rhyme and animal photography will have children and adults alike laughing at every page.

    • A funny book with animals on every spread.
    • A lip-shaped squishy is die-cut to the cover.
    • The funny rhyme and photography will engage children.
  • First Spread of My Crocodile is … Pink and Fluffy (9781789477283) Cover of My Crocodile is … Pink and Fluffy (9781789477283)

    My Crocodile is … Pink and Fluffy

    ISBN: 9781789477283

    My Crocodile is pink and fluffy . . . or is it green and scaly? This innovative board book combines removable sliders and touch-and-feel areas to offer a unique and interactive reading experience! Little ones will love creating their own funny combinations as they mix and match the sliders throughout. A FUNNY, INTERACTIVE BOARD BOOK WITH REMOVABLE TOUCH-AND-FEEL SLIDERS

    • An innovative board book with removable touch-and-feel sliders to mix-and-match.
    • Little ones will love creating funny combinations on each page.
    • With simple text and beautiful illustrations.
  • First Spread of Little Unicorn's Magical Mane (9781789477344) Cover of Little Unicorn's Magical Mane (9781789477344)

    Little Unicorn’s Magical Mane

    ISBN: 9781789477344

    Unicorn wants a new hairstyle and her animal friends are happy to help! This adorable shaped board book has a beautiful ribbon mane and a fabric unicorn horn. With rhyming text and sweet illustrations. A UNICORN-THEMED BOARD BOOK WITH RIBBON MANE AND FABRIC HORN

    • A unicorn-shaped board book with an amazing, fully-foiled cover and ribbon mane.
    • The sweet rhyme is perfect for adults and children to read together.
    • With adorable illustrations by Sarah Grately.
  • First Spread of Never Touch a Panda! (9781789477467) Cover of Never Touch a Panda! (9781789477467)

    Never Touch a Panda!

    ISBN: 9781789477467

    Never touch a panda . . . unless it’s in this book! This new addition to the Never Touch a…. series features five sporty animals, and is accompanied by a silly rhyme that is sure to make little ones laugh! Children will love touching the bumpy silicone touches on every page, and Stuart Lynch’s funny illustrations are sure to make this a hit with all families.

    • The funny rhyming text will engage young readers.
    • Silicone touches on every spread are fun to explore.
    • Bright illustrations are sure to entertain.
  • I-Spy-A-Saurus

    ISBN: 9781789472721

    Join the dinosaurs for a hilarious game of I-spy in this search-and-find board book! With fun rhyming text, touches throughout and an amazing silicone cover, there's plenty to keep little ones entertained. From dinosaurs building sandcastles to dinosaurs riding bikes, these dinosaurs are one of a kind. A SEARCH-AND-FIND DINOSAUR-THEMED BOARD BOOK WITH SILICONE COVER AND TOUCHES

    • A dinosaur-themed search-and-find board book with an amazing silicone cover.
    • Touches on every spread help little ones with the search-and-find activity.
    • With amusing rhyming text and roarsome illustrations.
  • First Spread of Never Feed a Troll a Casserole (9781789472738) Cover of Never Feed a Troll a Casserole (9781789472738)

    Never Feed a Troll a Casserole

    ISBN: 9781789472738

    This innovative, interactive board book is filled with funny mythical creatures! Children will love reading the funny rhyme which explains what you shouldn't feed to each character! Each one has a giant open mouth and felt teeth, so children can reach through the holes to mimic feeding them. This tactile book offers so much for young children to enjoy, helping to promote an early love of reading! A RHYMING BOARD BOOK WITH NOVELTY FELT MOUTHS

    • A hilarious board book featuring giant die-cut mouths with felt teeth on every spread!
    • Mouths are die-cut through so readers can put their hands into the characters’ mouths to mimic feeding them.
    • The amusing rhyming text will engage both young readers and adults.
  • Out of stock
    First Spread of Spiro Art (9781789479997) Cover of Spiro Art (9781789479997)

    Spiro Art

    ISBN: 9781789479997

    Create stunning works of art with the Spiro Art activity chest. Use the spirograph to design your own stunning doodles, and then display them in the picture frame. Create spiro flowers, animals, stars, scenes and so much more with this creative box set! With a gorgeous art book full of inspiration, colouring pencils, a spirograph and a picture frame, this kit has everything you need to create your own artistic designs!

    • This exciting folder enables children to create stunning spiro art.
    • Use the spirograph and pencils to create colourful artwork.
    • Complete with an art book filled with inspiration, colouring pencils, a spirograph and a card picture frame.
  • First Spread of Dinosaur Maths Missions (9781789477863) Cover of Dinosaur Maths Missions (9781789477863)

    Dinosaur Maths Missions

    ISBN: 9781789477863

    Will you accept the challenge and help the dinosaurs complete their maths missions? Turn the page to find a new mission, and use the calculator in the cover to tackle each puzzle. Crack codes, complete mega sums and more in this amazing activity book. A DINOSAUR MATHS ACTIVITY BOOK, WITH A SILICONE CALCULATOR IN THE COVER

    • This innovative activity book comes with a silicone calculator in a gatefold in the cover.
    • Each spread has a different dinosaur maths mission to complete.
    • This title encourages children to practise mathematical skills in a fun and engaging way.
  • First Spread of My Pink and Powerful Alphabet (9781789477641) Cover of My Pink and Powerful Alphabet (9781789477641)

    My Pink and Powerful Alphabet

    ISBN: 9781789477641

    Discover an alphabet of empowering words in this inspiring ABC. With cute characters and an amazing fur and vinyl cover, this book is perfect for encouraging little ones to shine. Lara Ede's illustrations will engage little ones, and each spread is accompanied by a charming rhyme that focuses on the inspiring words. The purse-shaped book makes it ideal to carry around! INSPIRING ALPHABET BOOK WITH AMAZING FLUFFY COVER!

    • An empowering alphabet book.
    • Lara Ede's illustrations will engage and entertain.
    • The purse shaped book is perfect to carry around.
  • First Spread of Bob The Bogey Fairy (9781789477740) Cover of Bob The Bogey Fairy (9781789477740)

    Bob The Bogey Fairy

    ISBN: 9781789477740

    Bob is the bogey fairy, and it's his job to collect all the bogeys! But Bob is hungry for fame, and he has a plan to steal the tooth fairy's job . . . This hilarious tale is full of gross twists and turns that children will love. Lara Ede's illustrations bring each page to life, and the simple text will engage young readers. HILARIOUS STORY BOOK ABOUT BOB THE BOGEY FAIRY

    • Funny story about Bob the Bogey Fairy.
    • Lara Ede's illustrations bring the story to life.
    • Simple text will encourage young readers.
  • First Spread of Scratch and Sparkle Space Activity Book (9781789477986) Cover of Scratch and Sparkle Space Activity Book (9781789477986)

    Blast-off and soar through space in this cosmic activity book! Whizz through meteor showers, colour the aliens and puzzle over rocket codes as you complete each page. Then turn to the card pages to scratch off and design cool models, masks and much more! A SPACE-THEMED SCRATCH AND SPARKLE ACTIVITY BOOK, WITH A WOODEN SCRATCHER TOOL AND SCRATCH-AND-REVEAL CARD PAGES!

    • A fun scratch and sparkle space activity book with a scratcher that children can use to create out-of-this-world art and crafts.
    • Scratch the black sections on the card pages to reveal sparkles and rainbow colours.
    • This book is perfect for children who love space.
    • With fun activities and space-themed card press-outs to make and create!
  • First Spread of Unicorn World (9781789477948) Cover of Unicorn World (9781789477948)

    Unicorn World

    ISBN: 9781789477948

    Come and play with the magical unicorns in this fantastic activity book! Colour an incredible dream land, fly through candyfloss mazes, and then turn to the card pages to press out and create a unicorn model world. With squishy stickers to use in the book or wherever you want! A UNICORN-THEMED ACTIVITY BOOK, WITH CARD PRESS-OUTS AND SQUISHY STICKERS!

    • This innovative unicorn activity book includes squishy stickers to use in the book or wherever you want.
    • A perfect title to keep unicorn fans engaged as they work through the activities.
    • Includes card press-outs to create!
  • First Spread of Magic Mermaids (9781789477443) Cover of Magic Mermaids (9781789477443)

    Magic Mermaids

    ISBN: 9781789477443

    Dive into this magical book, full of mermaids and ocean kingdoms! This beautifully illustrated book has a flashing light die-cut to the cover, so children can press each mermaid’s tail to watch it light up! The cute rhyme will immerse children into the magical world of the mermaids, and Shannon Hays’ illustrations bring the text to life.

    • A magical book about mermaids.
    • The sweet rhyme will engage little ones.
    • Press the mermaid tail to see it light up!
  • First Spread of Dinosaurs (9781800580169) Cover of Dinosaurs (9781800580169)


    ISBN: 9781800580169

    Dinosaurs tells you all you need to know about these fascinating prehistoric animals. Bursting with fast facts and stunning images, this exciting reader will help you to learn more about these creatures from the past.

    • Includes diagrams and fascinating facts.
    • A go-to guide with everything you need to know.

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