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  • Ninja

    ISBN: 9781788432856

    Prepare to enter the secret world of the ninja. In this manual, you’ll learn all you need to know about ninja spy techniques as well as the stealth training needed to undertake secret missions. You’ll also learn how to use two ninja spy essentials: the UV secret-message pen and the ninja headband, both included with your manual. Finally, at the back, you’ll find pages to plan your secret missions, solutions to the training exercises and a chart to record the progress of your ninja journey and goals.

    • A cool new top-secret manual for children keen to learn the skills of the ninja.
    • Includes instructions for creating your own codes and ciphers as well as a UV pen for writing invisible notes.
    • Also includes a padlock and a black ninja headband.
    • Encourages positive “ninja” attributes, such as only using your skills for good.
  • No. 1 Top Secret Spy

    ISBN: 9781786929426

    No 1 Top Secret Spy is a fun introduction to all things “spy”. The book includes training exercises for essential skills – observation, memory and disguise – as well as how to write messages using simple ciphers. It also includes instructions on how to write secret messages using the tear-off message decoder. Also included are a 48-page notebook for secret messages and an 8-page booklet of spy stickers. AN EXCITING FOLDER WITH AN ACETATE DECODER, A TRAINING MANUAL, MESSAGE PAD & STICKERS

    • Young readers will love this folder that comes with its own tear-off message decoder.
    • The folder includes a fun spy training manual covering spying essentials such as disguise and secret-message writing.
    • Also includes a secret message writing pad and a sticker booklet.
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    First Spread of Top Secret Hidden Messages (9781786923004) Cover of Top Secret Hidden Messages (9781786923004)

    Top Secret Hidden Messages

    ISBN: 9781786923004

    Introducing an amazing new journal filled with top-secret techniques for writing secret messages! Tweens will love trying out the cool codes and ciphers in this journal, while also discovering cool facts about the history of secret messages. There are also top tips for transporting and delivering a message without anyone catching on! At the back of the book, there are cipher wheels for creating your own ciphers, plus secret code books, and a cool secret pocket for keeping your messages safe! There is even an awesome UV torch pen for writing invisible messages. AWESOME TOP-SECRET JOURNAL, PACKED WITH CODES, CIPHERS AND AN AMAZING UV TORCH/PEN!

    • A fascinating new book containing everything you need to know about codes, ciphers, and secret-message writing!
    • It includes a brief history of covert communication and hints and tips on passing on and hiding secret messages.
    • The book comes with a lock to keep your codes top secret!
    • There is even an awesome UV torch pen for writing hidden messages.
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    The Incredible Comic Book Studio

    ISBN: 9781785985133
    £9.99 £5.99

    This fun-filled book is packed with comic-themed activities, hints, tips and all the tools you need to become a master comic-book designer yourself! Complete fun activities, like quizzes and fill-ins, as you design your heroes and villains and develop your stories!Then even less confident artists can become comic-designing masters as they use their stencil sheets to build characters, vehicles and much more! Finally, artists can use the rub-off transfers to give their comics professional edge!

    • Two stencil sheetsprovide all the shapes needed to create cool characters and comic strip details.
    • Rub-off transfers give your artwork a professional touch!
    • Hints and tips teach you how to customise your stencils to create different poses and shapes.
    • Quizzes and activities are fun to finish and help you to develop your characters!

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