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  • First Spread of My Pink and Powerful Alphabet (9781789477641) Cover of My Pink and Powerful Alphabet (9781789477641)

    My Pink and Powerful Alphabet

    ISBN: 9781789477641

    Discover an alphabet of empowering words in this inspiring ABC. With cute characters and an amazing fur and vinyl cover, this book is perfect for encouraging little ones to shine. Lara Ede's illustrations will engage little ones, and each spread is accompanied by a charming rhyme that focuses on the inspiring words. The purse-shaped book makes it ideal to carry around! INSPIRING ALPHABET BOOK WITH AMAZING FLUFFY COVER!

    • An empowering alphabet book.
    • Lara Ede's illustrations will engage and entertain.
    • The purse shaped book is perfect to carry around.
  • First Spread of My Perfect Princess (9781785989322) Cover of My Perfect Princess (9781785989322)

    My Perfect Princess

    ISBN: 9781785989322

    This sticker activity series includes ten varied and exciting titles for kids to enjoy. These titles are packed with fun things to do, from colouring, doodling and sticking to activities and games. These fun-filled activity books include card press-out pages for more enjoyment beyond the book. The press-out pages feature bookmarks, door hangers, games, characters and more! TEN BOLD, EXCITING ACTIVITY BOOKS WITH CARD PRESS-OUTS AND STICKERS!

    • This fun series of sticker activity books feature a range of exciting themes.
    • Each book includes sticker sheets and press-outs for fun activities!
    • Thematic activities will engage and entertain young children.
    • The press-out card pieces are fun to doodle, decorate and display.
    • These activity books are a great value buy that promotes creativity and develops problem-solving abilities.
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    Princess Palace

    ISBN: 9781785989124
    £6.99 £4.19

    Welcome to Princess Palace! This action-packed book has foam press-outs to create your very own princess palace, complete with sweet press-out characters illustrated by Lara Ede. The activity book includes instructions on how to construct the palace, plus sweet stories and activities featuring the characters. Children will love interacting with the book and bringing the stories to life by placing the palace and characters on the pages. There are also plenty of stickers to decorate the palace, use in the book or anywhere you like! PRINCESS PALACE MODEL ACTIVITY BOOK, WITH FOAM PRESS-OUTS, STICKERS, AND A FUN ACTIVITY BOOK

    • A model activity book with foam press-outs to create your own princess palace!
    • The activity book includes instructions, stories, colouring, stickering and puzzle activities to complete.
    • Lara Ede’s sweet illustrations will entertain children.
    • With plenty of extra stickers to use wherever you like!
  • Princess Pairs

    ISBN: 5060236480682

    Children and parents will enjoy playing these child-friendly versions of classic games together. Dawn Machell’s cute illustrations make these games fun for little ones who love things that go, while they practice hand-eye coordination and learn to be observant. Bright, fun and educational, these games are perfect for an afternoon with friends or family! FUN TAKES ON CLASSIC GAMES FOR TWO OR MORE PLAYERS WITH BRIGHT ILLUSTRATIONS!

    • Four great games for up to 4 players each.
    • Includes fun ideas to either simplify or extend play.
    • Bright illustrations by Dawn Machell will delight and amuse little ones.
    • Fun and educational! The perfect way to spend time with friends or family.
  • First Spread of Princess Palace (9781785981166) Cover of Princess Palace (9781785981166)

    Princess Palace

    ISBN: 9781785981166

    These fun activity books are packed with things to do, with colouring and doodling activities, awesome card press outs, and a sheet of puffy stickers! At the back of each fun-filled activity book there are card pages with press-out bookmarks, door hangers, models, cards and postcards to colour and decorate. There are also over 100 puffy stickers for children to use in the book or anywhere else! FUN ACTIVITY BOOKS WITH CARD PRESS-OUTS AND 3-D (PUFFY) STICKERS

    • Each book features a sheet of puffy (3-D) stickers to use inside the book or wherever you want!
    • Delightful illustrations will engage and entertain.
    • Press-out card pieces to decorate and display!
    • Colouring activities promote creativity
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    Scratch and Sparkle Princess Stencil Art is perfect for creative kids! Use the stencils to create jaw-dropping art on the scratch-off pages. Be amazed as your artwork comes to life with rainbow colours or glittery lines, then keep your artwork safe in the handy folder. A must-have for creative kids who love sparkle!

    • Includes 30 pages to scratch-off, revealing colourful surprises
    • Three stencil sheets have plenty of shapes to help children draw princesses, castles and much more!
    • The wirobound format is easy for artists to use

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