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  • First Spread of Follow The Star (9781788432986) Cover of Follow The Star (9781788432986)

    Follow The Star

    ISBN: 9781788432986

    Follow the Star in this sweet board book, complete with a die-cut window all the way through, surrounded by foil and glitter. Join Mary and Joseph on their journey to Bethlehem and find out who else followed the star to reach baby Jesus. A NOVELTY CHRISTMAS BOARD BOOK CELEBRATING THE BIRTH OF JESUS

    • Enjoy the nativity story with young readers at Christmas using this sweet novelty book.
    • Cut-out, foiled and glittered star shapes make this book an exciting read for any child.
    • Bright illustrations by Lara Ede bring the story to life.
  • First Spread of My First Christmas Prayers (9781788432993) Cover of My First Christmas Prayers (9781788432993)

    My First Christmas Prayers

    ISBN: 9781788432993

    This beautiful board book contains a collection of thoughtful prayers, written especially for Christmastime. With inspirational text that will encourage families discuss the reason for the season, as well as hand-stitched artwork, it’s sure to be a hit with adults and children alike.

    • This is a beautifully-written book of Christmas-themed prayers for children.
    • Prayers are all original and were written especially for modern families to enjoy together.
    • Sweet prayers mean your child can celebrate the joy of God during the festive months.
    • Bright illustrations make this book a joy for any reader.
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    First Spread of Mini Board Book Stack: Nativity (9781788432979) Cover of Mini Board Book Stack: Nativity (9781788432979)

    Mini Board Book Stack: Nativity

    ISBN: 9781788432979

    These mini board books are great stocking fillers and ideal for getting little ones into the holiday spirit! Each book has five spreads with bright illustrations and Christmas-themed words for readers to learn. The images above show inspirational and secular options. SET OF THREE MINI BOARD BOOKS IN A HANDY FORMAT THAT WILL FIT PERFECTLY INTO A SEASONAL STORE DISPLAY

    • Three mini board books stacked on top of each other and shrink-wrapped with a header card.
    • Each title’s cover is die-cut around the main character and decorated with holographic foil or glitter to stand off the shelf.
    • The spreads inside show simple seasonal scenes and fun, short text, perfect to read with little ones.
  • First Spread of Bright Ideas Journal (9781788433426) Cover of Bright Ideas Journal (9781788433426)

    Bright Ideas Journal

    ISBN: 9781788433426

    Express yourself with this fun and cheerful journal. The three hearts on the cover light up when pushed. A FUN JOURNAL WITH LIGHT-UP HEARTS ON THE COVER

    • Press the hearts on the cover of this fun journal and they will light up!
    • Includes lined pages with pretty decorations.
  • First Spread of I've Got the Write Idea Journal (9781788433624) Cover of I've Got the Write Idea Journal (9781788433624)

    I’ve Got the Write Idea Journal

    ISBN: 9781788433624

    Express yourself with this interchangeable-letter journal. You can arrange the acetate letters on the cover to say whatever you like. Create fun messages for your family or positive affirmations for yourself. A FUN LIGHT BOX-LIKE JOURNAL WITH ACETATE-LETTERS FOR CREATING YOUR OWN COLOURFUL MESSAGES

    • Rearrange the acetate letters in the cover grooves to create your own messages.
    • Includes extra letters in a range of beautiful colours.
  • Write Here Right Now

    ISBN: 9781788433150

    Express yourself with this cool, retro-style cover. You can arrange the letters on the letter-board to say whatever you like. Then, when your mood changes, you can rearrange the letters to say something else. Have fun filling in the journal inside with more of your own thoughts and opinions. A FUN JOURNAL WITH A LETTER-BOARD COVER

    • Just like a retro letter board, this cool cover has hard plastic letters that can be inserted to create any message you like.
    • Inside, there is fun opinions journal with fill-in pages where readers can write and select answers that express their own thoughts and feelings.
  • First Spread of Love It! Trifold (9781788432863) Cover of Love It! Trifold (9781788432863)

    Love It! Trifold

    ISBN: 9781788432863

    This new-format trifold will feature a gorgeous die-cut heart on the front cover. The wiro-bound book inside will include lots of fun activities that encourage children to consider and write about the many people, activities and other things that bring them joy. Also included is a pretty notepad and a booklet packed with gorgeous colourful stickers. A FUN LOVE-THEMED TRIFOLD WITH A GORGEOUS HEART-SHAPED DIE CUT ON THE COVER!

    • Introducing a new-format trifold series from MBI.
    • The cover of Love It features a gorgeous heart-shaped die-cut.
    • The 48-page book is packed with fun activities relating to the things children love.
  • First Spread of God Bless The Moon (9781786929280) Cover of God Bless The Moon (9781786929280)

    God Bless The Moon

    ISBN: 9781786929280

    Delight your child with this wonderful collection of bedtime prayers. A perfect way to encourage children to share their lives with God. A GORGEOUSLY ILLUSTRATED COLLECTION OF BEDTIME PRAYERS

    • Enjoy this varied collection of bedtime prayers with hand-stitched artwork by Dawn Machell.
    • A perfect introduction to prayers for young children.
    • A wonderful way to bond with your child.
  • We Three Kings

    ISBN: 9781785984624

    Introducing We Three Kings, a charming retelling of the well-known Christmas story. Clare Fennell’s delightful illustrations perfectly accompany the fun, rhyming text in this enchanting story. Children and adults alike will enjoy reading the sweet tale, perfect for the festive season.

    • Clare Fennell’s beautiful illustrations will engage and entertain young children.
    • The simple, rhyming story is fun for parents and children to read together.

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