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  • Just Narwhal

    ISBN: 9781789472127

    Narwhal doesn’t think she has any skills – especially when she compares herself to the mermaids. She’s just Narwhal! So when the mermaids need someone to judge their painting contest, Narwhal doesn’t think she can do it. But the other creatures don’t judge it fairly, and Narwhal soon learns that her talents lie in being honest, fair minded and just. Sweet, rhyming text and Lara Ede’s beautiful illustrations combine to make a delightful picture book that will be enjoyed by adults and children alike. Includes a soft narwhal plush! AN ON-TREND NARWHAL PICTURE BOOK BOX SET WITH A NARWHAL PLUSH!

    • A sweet story that teaches children that everyone has different skills.
    • This set comes with an adorable, soft narwhal plush.
    • Sweet, rhyming text will engage young readers.
    • Lara Ede’s stunning illustrations provide plenty for young children to explore.
  • First Spread of Busy Bees Nursery Rhymes Height Chart (9781788436922) Cover of Busy Bees Nursery Rhymes Height Chart (9781788436922)

    Busy Bees Nursery Rhymes Height Chart

    ISBN: 9781788436922

    Introducing a gorgeous new height chart featuring charming illustrations by Shannon Hays. This sweet height chart makes it easy to track children’s growth. The sturdy board chart reaches 140 cm (over 4_ feet) and can be easily folded away in the shape of a book. It comes with a hole at the top, making it easy to hang up and display on the wall. The chart also features illustrated nursery rhymes on the reverse side. SWEET HEIGHT CHART WITH NURSERY RHYMES ON THE REVERSE

    • A sturdy height chart that folds away easily, with a hole for ease of display.
    • With a clock-theme on the front and popular nursery rhymes on the reverse.
    • A fantastic gift item that families will love using together.
  • First Spread of Never Touch a Dinosaur! (9781788435420) Cover of Never Touch a Dinosaur! (9781788435420)

    Never Touch a Dinosaur!

    ISBN: 9781788435420

    You must never touch a dinosaur . . . except in this set! The box contains an awesome dinosaur-themed book, with a cool silicone touch on the cover. Children will love reading the funny rhyme that warns of the dangers of touching a dinosaur – and then ignoring the advice! There is also a roar-some dinosaur plush toy! AWESOME DINOSAUR BOOK AND PLUSH TOY SET

    • Box set containing book and toy.
    • The book has a silicone touch to explore.
    • The fun rhyme will engage children.
    • Contains a cool dinosaur plush toy!

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