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  • First Spread of Scratch and Sparkle Llamas Stencil Art (9781788437165) Cover of Scratch and Sparkle Llamas Stencil Art (9781788437165)

    Calling all llama-lovers! This fabulous new title is packed with everything you need to create amazing llama art. Read through the simple how-to introduction and then use the stencils and picture ideas to bring your llama scenes to life. With a wooden scratcher, three pages of llama-themed stencils and 15 scratch-off sheets, you have everything you need to create sparkling rainbow art! A LLAMA-PACKED ADDITION TO MBI’S POPULAR SCRATCH AND SPARKLE SERIES, INCLUDING WOODEN SCRATCHER, STENCILS AND SCRATCH-OFF CARD!

    • Scratch the black pages to reveal sparkles and rainbow colours.
    • This book includes three sheets of llama-themed stencils to create impressive works of sparkling art.
    • With a wooden scratcher and scratch-off card pages included, this book has everything you need to create sparkling llama art.
    • The pages include sweet scene ideas and inspirational prompts to get children started.
  • First Spread of Llama Love (9781788434676) Cover of Llama Love (9781788434676)

    Llama Love

    ISBN: 9781788434676

    Llama Love and It’s a Unicorn Things are two new fabulous folders each with a writing pad and nine differently shaped sticky-note pads. Children (and adults) can share and display their thoughts on notes that are always just the right size. A full-size writing pad is also included in both sets. What’s more, everything, inside and out, is decorated with lovely llamas and unique unicorns! The sticky notes have space to add personal messages that can be stuck on a bedroom door, school locker or anywhere else! They also make handy bookmarks. TWO NEW STATIONERY FOLDERS WITH LOADS OF FUN WAYS TO DISPLAY YOUR MESSAGES!

    • A fabulous addition to any child’s (or adult’s) stationery kit.
    • The strong, on-trend design will inspire sweet, creative messages.
    • The folder includes a full-size writing pad and a selection of sticky notepads.
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    First Spread of I Love Unicorns (9781788432849) Cover of I Love Unicorns (9781788432849)

    I Love Unicorns

    ISBN: 9781788432849
    £7.99 £4.79

    This new-format bifold has a heart-shaped blister containing all the parts needed to create a gorgeous unicorn charm bracelet. The wiro-bound book inside includes lots of exciting unicorn-themed activities that children will have fun creating. A FUN UNICORN-THEMED BIFOLD WITH A GORGEOUS UNICORN CHARM BRACELET TO MAKE YOURSELF!

    • Introducing a new-format bifold series from MBI.
    • The cover of I Love Unicorns features a heart-shaped blister containing the parts needed to create a gorgeous unicorn bracelet.
    • The 48-page book is packed with fun activities relating to unicorns.

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