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  • First Spread of Noah's Ark Puffy Sticker Book (9781788437141) Cover of Noah's Ark Puffy Sticker Book (9781788437141)

    Noah’s Ark Puffy Sticker Book

    ISBN: 9781788437141

    This delightful activity book introduces young children to bible stories in a way that’s fun and interactive.The activities are paired with simple narrative text, allowing children to explore each story in a unique and engaging way.With over 100 sweet puffy stickers to use in the book or wherever you want, as well as card press-outs to create!A BIBLE STORIES ACTIVITY BOOK, WITH OVER 100 PUFFY STICKERS AND CARD PRESS-OUTS!

    • This book features a sheet of puffy (3-D) stickers to use inside the book or wherever you want!
    • Sweet activities will engage and entertain young children.
    • The press-out card pieces are fun to decorate and display!
    • Each spread includes narrative text introducing children to the Bible stories.
  • First Spread of Follow The Star (9781788432986) Cover of Follow The Star (9781788432986)

    Follow The Star

    ISBN: 9781788432986

    Follow the Star in this sweet board book, complete with a die-cut window all the way through, surrounded by foil and glitter. Join Mary and Joseph on their journey to Bethlehem and find out who else followed the star to reach baby Jesus. A NOVELTY CHRISTMAS BOARD BOOK CELEBRATING THE BIRTH OF JESUS

    • Enjoy the nativity story with young readers at Christmas using this sweet novelty book.
    • Cut-out, foiled and glittered star shapes make this book an exciting read for any child.
    • Bright illustrations by Lara Ede bring the story to life.
  • First Spread of My First Christmas Prayers (9781788432993) Cover of My First Christmas Prayers (9781788432993)

    My First Christmas Prayers

    ISBN: 9781788432993

    This beautiful board book contains a collection of thoughtful prayers, written especially for Christmastime. With inspirational text that will encourage families discuss the reason for the season, as well as hand-stitched artwork, it’s sure to be a hit with adults and children alike.

    • This is a beautifully-written book of Christmas-themed prayers for children.
    • Prayers are all original and were written especially for modern families to enjoy together.
    • Sweet prayers mean your child can celebrate the joy of God during the festive months.
    • Bright illustrations make this book a joy for any reader.
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    First Spread of The Nativity Story (9781788433044) Cover of The Nativity Story (9781788433044)

    The Nativity Story

    ISBN: 9781788433044
    £7.99 £4.79

    Bring the Nativity story to life in this sweet model book. Build the characters and stable from the chunky foam sheets. Then, work your way through the activities as the Nativity story unfolds! With sweet illustrations and clear instructions, this book encourages children to act out the Nativity story by placing the stable and characters on the pages as they go. There are also over 100 stickers to use in the book or wherever you want! NATIVITY STORY MODEL BOOK, WITH FOAM PRESS-OUTS, STICKERS AND A FUN ACTIVITY BOOK!

    • This model activity book comes with foam press-outs to create your own Nativity scene and characters.
    • The activity book guides children through the Nativity story with fun activities, including colouring, sticking and puzzles.
    • With plenty of extra stickers to use wherever you like!
    • Building the models and completing the sticker activities will help develop hand-eye coordination.
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    First Spread of The Story of Christmas (9781788433006) Cover of The Story of Christmas (9781788433006)

    The Story of Christmas

    ISBN: 9781788433006
    £9.99 £5.99

    Introducing Playhouse: The Story of Christmas, a well-known tale in an innovative, fold-out format! The sturdy board book folds out to create four amazing scenes from the nativity. Children will love lifting the flaps peeking through the die-cut windows to explore the scenes. The boxset also includes four toy characters that can be used to act out the story in the fold-out scenes! FUN, FOLD-OUT STORYBOOK WITH FIGURES, RHYMING TEXT AND CUTE ILLUSTRATIONS

    • An innovative new format that folds out like a carousel to create a 360-degree play scene.
    • Comes in a convenient box with a handle, so you can take it with you on-the-go.
    • Includes toy characters that can be used to act out the story within the scenes as you read the tale.
    • The fun, rhyming text and sweet illustrations will engage and entertain children.
  • First Spread of God Bless The Moon (9781786929280) Cover of God Bless The Moon (9781786929280)

    God Bless The Moon

    ISBN: 9781786929280

    Delight your child with this wonderful collection of bedtime prayers. A perfect way to encourage children to share their lives with God. A GORGEOUSLY ILLUSTRATED COLLECTION OF BEDTIME PRAYERS

    • Enjoy this varied collection of bedtime prayers with hand-stitched artwork by Dawn Machell.
    • A perfect introduction to prayers for young children.
    • A wonderful way to bond with your child.

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