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    First Spread of Prank Hacks (9781788437233) Cover of Prank Hacks (9781788437233)

    Prank Hacks

    ISBN: 9781788437233
    £8.99 £5.39

    Prank Hacks is a fun new addition to the top-secret range. It includes a huge range of prank ideas, all presented in a quick, easy-to-read format. It includes pranks without props, pranks with props you can make yourself and pranks with the props that are included. There are also four mini joke books to tear out and take with you on the go. At the back, there’s a prank log section for recording all your pranks and rating their success. A FUN, NEW TOP-SECRET JOURNAL FOR KEEN PRANKERS!

    • This fun new top-secret manual is for children who love to prank their friends and family.
    • It includes four mini joke books to tear out and make as well as prank-log pages.
    • Simple, quick-and-easy instructions will have any child successfully pranking in no time at all.
    • Encourages safe, considerate pranking.
  • Ninja

    ISBN: 9781788432856

    Prepare to enter the secret world of the ninja. In this manual, you’ll learn all you need to know about ninja spy techniques as well as the stealth training needed to undertake secret missions. You’ll also learn how to use two ninja spy essentials: the UV secret-message pen and the ninja headband, both included with your manual. Finally, at the back, you’ll find pages to plan your secret missions, solutions to the training exercises and a chart to record the progress of your ninja journey and goals.

    • A cool new top-secret manual for children keen to learn the skills of the ninja.
    • Includes instructions for creating your own codes and ciphers as well as a UV pen for writing invisible notes.
    • Also includes a padlock and a black ninja headband.
    • Encourages positive “ninja” attributes, such as only using your skills for good.
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    First Spread of Joke-o-Rama (9781786929433) Cover of Joke-o-Rama (9781786929433)


    ISBN: 9781786929433
    £4.99 £2.99

    This hilarious joke book is packed with laughs from start to finish. There are jokes about animals, sport, school, food and much more. Joke-O-Rama will amuse and entertain young readers for hours! AN HILARIOUS BOOK, JAM-PACKED WITH JOKES!

    • An hilarious new book filled with child-friendly jokes for all occasions!
    • Includes more than 250 jokes on themes such as animals, school, sport, food and more.

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