My Precious Planet
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The time to make a difference is now.
Discover what you can do to save our precious planet.

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What is
My Precious Planet
all about?

We wanted to produce a line of books that would educate young children on the issues we face in the world today. From animal conservation to climate change, the future we build is for our children and their children. We all have a role to play in making a difference now.

Rhino and truck
Sun and birds

What makes
My Precious Planet

My Precious Planet aims to: engage children, inspire curious minds and challenge the way we think.

Rhino and truck
Help to understand.
I'm an Eco-warrior

What is inside
My Precious Planet?

Young people making a difference - watering a flower
Make a difference.
World problems.
Orangutan and logs

Are the My Precious Planet books environmentally friendly?

We have worked hard to make these books more sustainable:

Icon - Recycled Material

Recycled, FSC-approved paper stock

Icon - Non-bleached Stock and Vegetable Inks

Non-bleached card stock and vegetable inks

Icon - Accredited Factories

Suppliers that are highly accredited, with audited factories that we visit yearly

Icon - No Animals Harmed

No animals or people are ever endangered or mistreated in the production of our titles

Sustainability is about people, too.

We always strive to make our products affordable for all. We want EVERYONE to have the opportunity to read, enjoy and learn from books – at every age!

Yes, we are making progress, but we also recognise that My Precious Planet is not enough and we still have steps to take. We must keep improving the impact that all our books have on our planet for the years to come.

Line of children illustration
Line of children illustration
A monkey and a boy

Who has helped to produce the My Precious Planet range?

We have a dedicated in-house team who have brought passion and creativity to the process of researching, writing, designing, producing and selling these special products. We also worked with Scott Barker, a fantastic illustrator, who helped us bring our vision to life. Outside of the creative team, we consulted a range of experts, who shared their insight and wealth of experience from Environmental Education and Sustainability.

Girl dressed in diving equipment next to a pelican
Dr Claire Bastin

Dr Claire Bastin

Nifty Sustainability

Dr Claire Bastin’s work focuses on sustainability education to build knowledge, provide meaningful research and consultancy, and evaluate impacts in a way that supports change. Claire’s strengths lie in being able to cut through complexity and draw connections between actions and outcomes. She is most happy working with organisations that are also trying to make things better for people and the planet.

Juliet Green

Juliette Green

National Association for Environmental Education

The NAEE promotes environmental education so that together we can understand and act on the need to live more sustainably in order to protect the future of our planet. Juliette is a teacher, writer and educator, whose written work covers outdoor learning, science and English. A key member of NAEE’s publications team, Juliette led the review of this publication, supported by Chair of Trustees Bill Scott and Publications Co-ordinator Elsa Lee.

Katie McGuire

Katie McGuire

CMgr MCMI BSc (Hons), University of Leeds

Katie McGuire is Deputy Director of Sustainability at the University of Leeds, responsible for driving the University sustainability strategy across and beyond the institution. Katie leads and manages the sustainability service, with a strategic focus around embedding sustainability across all activity, and collaborating with external parties to be a positive partner to society.

Nature girl and animals

For more information about My Precious Planet, reach out and contact us through the website.

Thank you for supporting your Precious Planet. Together, we can make a difference.

David Attenborough Illustration with toucan, butterfly and lemur